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DWS Professional 3D Printing Systems are designed and manufactured for the highest quality results. They feature an unparalleled surface quality, with laser sharp detail, that's injection-mold like, right out of the machine. They are also highly efficient, with little or no material waste, where other 3D processes have waste levels as high as 20% - 50%. DWS machines are reliable, with minimal moving parts and a sealed solid state BluEdge® Laser. These cost efficient machines are true workhorses.

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DWS Next Generation
SLA 3D Printers

Accurate and fast building speed

Extraordinary smooth and finely detailed parts

Wide range of materials for many different applications

Reliability designed and built into every unit

Cost efficient


DWS Galvanometer Method for scanning

For the greatest accuracy & building speed, all DWS industrial models use the Galvanometer Method for scanning.

In combination with our custom designed lasers & proprietery materials, this approach gives extrordinary detail & amazing smooth surfaces.


Innovative BluEdge® Laser System

Innovative BluEdge® Laser System

DWS industrial printers use a custom designed Class 3B Laser Source, developed by DWS and housed in a self-contained enclosure for maintenance free operation. The system is built for extra long life, printing extraordinarily smooth & finely detailed parts.

Spot: 50um beam,
Slice Thickness: variable .01 - .10mm (depending on resin)

Also available with Optional Higher Resolution Laser Module featuring a 18um spot beam.

Cost Savings and Manufacturing Efficiency

Due to reduced moving parts and ease of use, these industrial printers are characterized by high reliability and extra-low maintenance. Greater flexibility and cost savings are made possible by quick material change, absence of pre-heating, and no calibration after initial setup.

Other DWS industrial machine innovations include a transparent resin tank which allows the laser beam to pass through it, and a laser scanning unit placed directly under the tank. The flexible tray system gives quick and easy material change with elimination of resin waste, allowing minimum a quantity of resin in tank, using every drop.

Compared to conventional SLA techniques, these DWS innovations make the whole process more flexible and economical, especially in terms of material consumption.


The machines are controlled by DWS new proprietary Nauta & Fictor softwares, which work in tandem to import and prepare your file for the manufacturing process. They are perfectly compatible with most 3D CAD systems used in industrial applications. See the Software page for more information.

Other Cost Saving Features

Tank Translation Technology:
TTT is an electromechanical device that automatically shifts the resin tank during the growing of the model, to reduce the localized wear of the tank caused by the laser beam irradiation through the same area. This improves both the life of the resin tank and the efficiency of the building process.

Leakage Protection System:
Prevents damages due to improper infiltration of liquids inside the sophisticated scanning and laser devices.

Printing Materials

DWS  printing materials

A wide range of proprietary High Performance Materials, developed and manufactured by DWS. With tight quality control, batch to batch, and ongoing development of new materials; they bring versatility for many different applications.


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