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DWS NAUTA®+, is the new parametric editing software for 3D printing that can import several 3D file formats. It easily places and duplicates the objects on the platform and applies advanced tools like manual and automatic supporting. The result is effortless preproduction in 3D manufacturing.

NAUTA+ software controls
  • Automatic support: DWS has collected a list of strategies to easily support objects of different shapes.
  • Parametric engine: The tools inside NAUTA®+ are parametric so that you can modify the result of a tool everytime you want.

The resulting objects are sent to FICTOR®, the new machine controller that can work with all DWS machines and can produce high quality 3D objects.

FICTOR® manages the whole printing process, from the file processing in real time to the realization of the model, eliminating the times of pre-processing generally performed by 3D editing software..

FICTOR® directly controls the 3D printer just by specifying the building material and it performs ongoing calculations (slicing, compensations, etc.).

It easily supports objects of different shapes.

DWS software editing screen
DWS software editing screen


  • Transformations: translate, rotate, uniform scale, snaps to grid
  • Object info: shows dimensions, volume, surface area, estimated weight (based on object material), layer count and thickness (for sliced objects)
  • Explode: separates object parts
  • Positioning: sets object position, rotates and scales, orients objects to predefined
  • directions, moves object to platform zero and center it, aligns object along predefined directions
  • Automatic supporting: automatically creates supports with optimized distribution, sets several support distribution and size parameters, allows manual editing of single supports
  • Supports editing: creates tree-shaped supports, adds/removes support branches, sets several size/ shape parameters
  • Automatic base: automatically creates a base for selected supports or objects, sets base thickness and overhang, creates lattice structure between supports to strengthen support build
  • Replicate: creates rectangular/polar/mirrored copies of selected objects.
NAUTA+ software controls


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