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DWS XFAB 3D Printer

Scupltgraphicz is Proud to Offer the XFAB Printer!

DWS XFAB Printer

Unleash the Innovator Inside You with the First DWS
Professional Quality 3D SLA Printer at a Consumer Price.

  • Fine Detail & Smooth Surface
  • Large Generous Building Space
  • Intelligent Print Cartridges
  • 10 Different Materials
  • Innovative 3D Editing Software
  • User-friendly Printer Driver
DWS XFAB Printer

Affordable Technology, Reliability and Simplicity on Your Desktop


XFAB® uses the same technology as professional DWS printers. With 10 micron layer thickness on the Z axis, and a Minimum Feature Size of 250 microns, XFAB rivals the High resolution of professional 3D printers. Its cylindrical working area has 80% more building volume than conventional 3D printers. All in a compact design for a desktop use.


XFAB uses DWS Patented Tank Translation System, a technology that increases cartridge life and allows large model building. Its BlueEdge® laser needs no calibrations, and no maintenance. XFAB has a patented temperature material control.


XFAB is a USB plug and play printer, with a patented grooved building platform and easy removal tool.

Watch the XFAB Video:


3D printing method:Laser stereolithography
Working area: Ø 180x180 mm
Laser source: Solid State BlueEdge® BE-1300X
Working laser spot size size: 100 microns
Slice thickness: 60-100 microns depending on material used
Scanning method: Galvanometer
Software: Fictor® XFAB® edition, Nauta® XFAB® edition
Input file format: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm, .3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x
Machine size: 400 x 606 x 642 mm
Operating Temperature and Humidity: 20°-25°C / 60%
Power supply: 24V DC with AC 240/100V / 50-60 Hz
                   (External power supply included)

Watch the XFAB Video:

Software & Notes:

NAUTA® XFAB® Edition: Proprietary 3D editing software
Fictor® XFAB® Edition: Printer driver software
Support: Automatic support generation. Parametric technology
Removal risk free: Instant support removal, no risk of damaging the models
Wide range of supported 3D formats. Machine controller


Minimum Requirements for PC:

Operating system: Windows7® or above
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics card: compatible with OpenGL
I/O Interfaces: 1 USB port
Connectivity: 1 active internet connection
Recommended configuration: Dual Core processor or above, memory 4 GB RAM

XFAB's Collection of Printer Materials Bring Versatility & Options

DWS' patented technology can turn a much wider variety of materials into solid: acrylic resin, ABS, polypropylene, rigid opaque, transparent, rubber, castable wax and ceramic. Change materials quickly: intelligent cartridges, no leakages, no need of handling liquids, no tray consumption costs.

Materials Range

Fusia 443

Fusia 443 Wax-like.
For lost-wax casting applications.

Flexa 693

Flexa 693 Rubber-like, transparent.
For prototypes of functional parts, gaskets, wearable accessories and molds.

Flexa 692

Flexa 692 Rubber-like, black color.
For prototypes of handles, gaskets, ergonomic tests, functional parts, footwear, wearable devices.

Therma 289

Therma 289 Nanoceramic, light green color.
For thermal resistance tests and high definition models for vulcanized rubber molds.

Vitra 429

Vitra 429 Transparent.
For clear prototypes, liquid flow visualization, lighting, equipments.

Vitra 413

Vitra 413 Standard acrylic, amber color.
General applications.

Precisa 779

Precisa 779 Rigid opaque, gray color.
For prototypes, toys, high detailed models, marketing samples and patterns for silicon molds.

Invicta 977

Invicta 977 Polypropylene-like.
Flexible, for snap-fit prototypes of mechanical components, lab equipment, appliance parts and casings.

Invicta 917

Invicta 917 ABS-like, anthracite gray color..
High impact resistant, functional prototypes, casings, snap-fit parts and assembly applications.

Invicta 915

Invicta 915 ABS-like, white color.
High impact resistant, functional prototypes, casings, snap-fit parts and assembly applications.

Why DWS Systems?

Among professional 3D printing systems, DWS have established themselves as an industry leader, with a full range of rugged printers & materials to create Amazing Parts!

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