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Educational applications

Enrich learning experiences in many disciplines: Industrial design, architecture, engineering, medicine and fine arts. Most suited for the classroom. Free of toxic and messy chemicals. Operate safely in a standard classroom. Easy to use.


Manufacturing applications

All industries from footwear to aerospace. Temperature & finite element analysis (FEA). Investment & sand casting patterns. Inexpensive tools & jigs. Durable & strong. Can be tapped, drilled, made water resistant or finished like wood.

Geo Spatial (GIS)

Geo Spatial applications

Full color, intricate, finely detailed terrain. Unequalled 3D models revolutionize GIS data communication. Emergency responses. Geological analysis. Real estate or city planning. Military planning Document a special journey or place. Cost efficient.


Design applications

Focus on design not costs. Concept modeling. Form/fit/function. Packaging. Ergonomics. Full true color creates more possibilities.

Fine Arts/Museums

Fine Arts/Museums applications

Explore, create as never before. Affordable. Photo realistic. Full color. Paper-based. Tactile. Duplicate special objects for viewing, study, evaluation or documentation. 


Architecture applications

Communicate a concept or plan with colleagues or customers. Rugged, finely detailed, optional full color. Fraction of the cost of other methods. Operates safely and cleanly in your office.

Entertainment/Photo Realizm™

Entertainment/Photo Realizm applications

Explore the possibilities creating or replicating full color, photo realistic models in your studio. Bring film characters and avatars to life, with finely detailed affordable, accurate 3D models and prototypes.


Medical applications

Accurate & realistic physical 3D anatomical models, from MRI and CT scans. Cut hours from surgical procedures. Surgical guides for implants. Prosthesis design. Pre-contouring, pre-surgical planning. Affordably create or replicate finely detailed objects in the office.